Ruth Phypers
Feng Shui Consultant

Accredited by the Feng Shui Society UK (FSSA), Ruth works out of Central London. She was trained and authorised as a Feng Shui consultant by the late Jon Sandifer, a leading UK Feng Shui master. Ruth has developed a lifestyle consultancy that embraces the five-element technique and practice of Feng Shui. She creates stylish and comfortable urban living spaces that reflect light, provide maximum functionality and give the residents a base for creating value and harmony in their lives.

Ruth places equal emphasis on body, mind and consciousness for the most effective healing. She runs a Therapeutic Laser practice from her clinic in West London, Laser Medicine which improves the efficiency of the body’s acupuncture system to treat many health conditions. If Urban Feng Shui is ‘acupuncture for buildings’ Laser Medicine is ‘acupuncture for bodies to the power of ten’!

Ruth draws her clarity, strength and inspiration from her daily practice of Nichiren Buddhism and Astanga yoga (taught by Eileen Gauthier and Lino Miele).

Ruth is a full member of the Feng Shui Society UK.